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XLSX to PDF conversion with Data lables on Colum Chart - .NET API

Hi Team,

We are using license version of Aspose.Cells Production version 8.8.0. We have used AsposeCells to convert Xlsx to PDF. Xlsx filr contains some Colum chart with some data labels. Converted PDF file shows overlapping data labels for negative values of data labels.

Please find attached sample xlsx and pdf file with code used to generate pdf from xlsx.

Request you to help us to fix this issue.

Email id for contact -

Ramrao Gunjal (614.3 KB)

Thank you for your query.

You are using quite an old version that is why you are facing issues. Please use the latest version Aspose.Cells for .NET 19.12 as there is no such issue while using it. Please give it a try and share the feedback. Also note that we do not provide support for older versions and issues are resolved in the latest versions only.

Here the output PDF file created by the latest version is attached for your reference.
output.pdf (87.5 KB)

Hi Team,

Could you please let me know which was latest varsion of AsposeCells where this PDF conversion worked. Based on your confirmation we are planning to upgrade our product with latest Aspose version

Email id for contact - []

Ramrao Gunjal


Well, this is hard to answer such queries. We enhance chart rendering module with every new release of the product. I think you should open your license file into notepad and check subscription expiry date. Now check and use the last Aspose.Cells version (which was released before your subscription expiry date) if it works fine.

In case the version you used does not fix your issue, I am afraid, there is no other alternative but to upgrade to latest APIs set.