XSD/XML and Aspose Pdf.Kit



Is your Pdf.Kit XSD aware?

I need to fill PDF form with data read from some XML stream then save it and send to someone. The PDF formi is created using Adobe LiveCycle Designer and is based on XSD of our datasource (it is probably tagged form - I am not sure if it is the correct name). Our XSD is not flat - it has several relations ie. one customer may have different addresses of delivery nad for the office. I have checked the samples attached with Pdf.Kit and it looks like it may work only with flat datasource. Is it right? Or maybe it is possible to map data to subforms? One more thing - I mean regular XML validated with above XSD, not the XFDF which is completely mess.

I have checked the full Acrobat Solution which may load PDF form file and attach it to the PDF. Works great and I want something just like this. The only thing is that I need it to be part of automated solution, so I should buy some server probably which has unreasonable prices.

Do you think, Pdf.Kit may fit my needs?


Hubert Galuszka

Cracow, Poland


Mr. Hubert,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Pdf.Kit!

I totally agree with your statement that the current Pdf.Kit only supports the 'flat' XML data. Till now there is no plan for XSD supporting and I am afraid our product cannot fullfill your requirement.

Any way, if you can discribe your situation more detailly, perhaps we can provide a work-around solution specially for you.

Best regards.


Here is typcal scenario we need to provide to our customer:

There are two actors in this scenario Operator and Cooperant. Operator works in HR department and is responsible for looking new Cooperants. He has database of Cooperants (our software). Operator is "Active" in this scenario – he initiates contact, generates forms etc. The Cooperant is some regular person, so he needs maximum simplicity of software - ie. regular Adobe Acrobat reader or some similar stuff.
Following steps are perfomed in this scenario:
1. Operator fills some fields in our application/database and generates some form for the Cooperant. The form has some fields partially filled-up, and some of them are read-only for the end-user.

2. Form is sent to Cooperant (mostly by e-mail)

3. Cooperant opens form and fills rest of the fields or changes those pre-filled. This process may take some time, so he needs the ability to save currently entered data (close acrobat reader, shut down computer etc.) and load them after next run of the form.

4. When data entry process is finished, Cooperant sends form data to Operator. Operator points some extracting-data-software to cooperant’s form and automatically imports data to our system.

Step 3 is opional, but it will be great to have it.

We are using XML datasources in whole application, so using XSD is some kind of standard. The datasource is almost always hierarchic - One customer may have many addresses, there are many items on invoice etc.

Can you provide us some solution?
Best Regards
Hubert Galuszka
Cracow, Poland


Mr. Hubert,

Thanks for your detailed description, now I think I understand your requirement.

We will investigate and discuss about the problem. A notification will be given to you as soon as a decision is made.

BWT, would you be kind enough to provide a sample of XSD for us? Perhaps a general XSD support will spend many time, while a work around will be fast and straightforward. My email is : luke.fu@aspose.com, and the privacy of customers will be carefully protected.

Best regards.