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100% CPU while creating chart image


The following code cause 100% CPU:

Chart chart = myChart;
presentation.getWsCollection().setOleSize(x, height, y, width);
ByteArrayOutputStream imageStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
ImageOrPrintOptions options = new ImageOrPrintOptions();
chart.toImage(imageStream, options);


Hi Leonid,

I have observed the sample code shared and the chart image that you are creating is using Aspose.Cells rather than Aspose.Slide. So in my opinion, the issue lies on Aspose.Cells end. Please share the complete the details about your environment along with Aspose.Cells version used for getting chart image. I am moving this thread to Aspose.Cells forum where our respective support team member will help you better in this regard.

Many Thanks,


We recommend you to kindly try our latest version of the product i.e. v7.4.2 (JAVA) if you are not already using it.

Secondly if you still find the issue with our latest version, please give us your template Excel file containing your desired chart or if you are creating the chart dynamically, kindly give us only runnable sample code for creating the chart (via Aspose.Cells API) with the template file (if there is any), we will check your issue soon. Do not provide Powerpoint or Aspose.Slides relevant code as according to you the issue lies in Aspose.Cells’s Chart.toImage method only, so not needed at the moment.

Thank you.