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15 second Delay Setting License


I have been using Aspose.Cells under VB.NET 2003 for a just over a year successfully. I have recently rebuilt the app in VB.NET 2005 and am seeing a 15 second delay on startup while the License file is set. I have since created a blank project with just a single form and the reference to Aspose.Cells and the embedded license file and the same delay occurs.

The only code that exists is :

Public Class Form1

Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

Dim License As Aspose.Cells.License

License = New Aspose.Cells.License


End Sub

End Class

The delay occurs one the line Dim License As Aspose.Cells.License

If I comment out the license code, the app starts in 1 second.

I have tried the Net 1.0 and Net 2.0 DLL and both give the same results.

I have attached a screenshot of my code (if it helps)

Any thoughts ?


Well, it looks strange to me as you are getting this delay. Which Aspose.Cells version you are using. Does it work fine on VS2003. Could you post your blank ziped project @ nanjing@aspose.com we will check it soon.

Thank you.

Please try to set license with explicit path. For example:


And what happens if you run your program on release mode?

Thanks for your reply. In answer to your questions :-

Which Aspose.Cells version you are using :

Does it work fine on VS2003 : Yes

Could you post your blank ziped project @ nanjing@aspose.com : Will do shortly

Please try to set license with explicit path : Tried with no success

I wait to hear you responses from the emailed source code


I have emailed the project as instructed but not heard anything back as yet. Some more information for you though.

I have since tried v4.4.1.0 and the latest v4.5.0 on both VS 2003 and VS 2005 and I DO get the 15 second delay.

I uninstalled both and tried v4.1.2.0 (which was the version when I bought it) and this works fine. So for the moment, I will continue to use v4.1.2.0 until we resolve this.



Hi Andrew,

I don't receive your email. Maybe it's blocked.

Let me summarize your problem: the 15 seconds only happens on v4.4.1 and v4.5 with VS2005. It doesn't happen on v4.1.2 and VS2003.

This is a very strange problem because:

1. We don't change anything in license code more than one year.

2. We have tested SetLicense method in our machine with VS2005 with v4.5.0.1. It takes about 150ms with .Net1.0 dll and 50ms with .Net2.0 dll.

Maybe it's a deployment problem. Can you try:

1. Write a very simple console application to test the timing consumed on SetLicense method.

2. Build and deploy it in a machine never installing Aspose.Cells before.