2 column formatted paragraph not rendered- image dimensions in word produce an error- annotations



our company is evaluating some .net pdf conversion components right now.
this should become a xml webservice that puts in data in form fields
in word templates and converts them into pdf (opening in browser) on the fly. We
have about 1500 microsoft word templates.
The performance of the component is really amazing an would fit perfectly
our needs. Unfortunately I have experienced following problems, that would make the use of
aspose.word impossible for us, unless there is a possible solution.

1.) 2 column formatted paragraph is not rendered well - the pdf result is
a normal formatted paragraph.- please refer to problem1.doc and problem1.pdf
2.) Annotations are not supported - we unfortunately need them... (our
external partners need this annotations for the print-shops...)
3.) Images that have bigger dimensions than A4-page produce error in aspose.pdf
so the pdf-file cannot be produced.

Please help and advice!
Thank you in advance.


Thank you for considering Aspose.
  1. We will fix this issue as soon as possible.
  2. Annotations will be supported a bit later, they're high on the task list.
  3. If large images throw an exception, this is probably Aspose.Pdf fault. Make sure you are using the latest version of Aspose.Pdf.



thank you for your prompt reply!

I will check for the latest version of aspose.pdf...

I have one more question - do you already have planned by what time the problems 1 and 2 will be fixed? Our project is running and the deadline is the 20th of April. Do you think you would be ready by this time?


Annotations are not likely to be done by that time, they will be supported in 2-3 months. But multi-column paragraph support will probably be implemented quickly.



we would really like to use Aspose.

Concering multi-column paragraph- we could edit (use tables instead) some of the most important existing templates by the time you have this feature implemented. Would there be a notification about the hotfix?

The big problem that we have are these Annotations, because the Aspose.Word object cannot be instanciated. Almost 800 of the word tepmplates contain these, and it will be impossible for us to edit them all in such a period.

Thus, my question- would it be possible that you just ignore this type of error by instanciating the Aspose.Word object? Just neglect the fact that there are any annotations. In this way we can convert the resulting documents in pdf at least for preview (because Aspose is really fast - and that is what our corporation needs) and use another pdf-server software for the print version untill you have the annotations implemented.


Please use the latest version of Aspose.Word + Document class (its constructor to open a document) instead of the Word class since the Word class is obsolete. Annotations should be ignored then.


i am using the latest version of aspose.word (downloaded it about 2 weeks ago).

do you mean this by Document class, instead of Word class?

using myword = Aspose.Word;

using mypdf = Aspose.Pdf ;


myword.Document doc = new myword.Document(fmFileName.ToString());

by using the constructor i can catch the error with try…
was that your point?


Exactly. But the latest version of Aspose.Word is 2.2.5, and it has been released on March 15th. Please download and install it. Report us if the problem still exists.



indeed :slight_smile: - I have - i will download the latest release and drop by later to tell you whether it works like we expect.

Thank you again for the great support!