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2 interesting templates / bug report

From a customer I got 2 interesting templates. They are both created with on older PowerPoint version, and revised/ported to PowerPoint 2003. The templates work fine with PowerPoint itself, but not with Aspose.

What is interesting is that they both have the Presentation.MainMaster.FollowMasterScheme set to true, which breaks Aspose.PowerPoint ( Internally, Aspose tries to get the "Master of Masters" by recursively checking this flag, and reference its Master slide if it is set to true (even if the slide itself is the master), resulting in a stack overflow.

This is easy to circumvent (once you know what the problem is), just set the flag to false before doing any work.

Template1 shows this behaviour, and, using the workaround, Aspose can handle it well.

Template2 has this flag set too, but just opening the template, setting the flag correct, and sending it to the browser, results in a file that PowerPoint 2007 can't read, it complains about an incomplete file. PowerPoint 2003 can read it.

Any comments or ideas?

Alex Hekstra

PS. I know, it's an older version I'm using, but I'm pretty sure it is just because of the unusual templates that this problem arises.

Hello Alex,

That is problem of PP2007 but not older versions of PowerPoint. It creates recursive reference of MainMaster to itself.
We added workaround for this issue long time ago. You can try to find exact version in downloads.
If I’m not mistaken it had something like “improved PowerPoint 2007 compatibility” in description.
Anyway, there were several such incompatibilities with PowerPoint 2007 so I’d suggest using
latest version of Aspose.Slides and forget about these problems.