2 Minor yet simple nice improvements


  1. When loading notes (cast to MapiNote) is there yet a way or workaround to set the note color as message body background?
    I had a similar suggestion but can’t recall if it was for msg / mapinote or mhtml save options

  2. When loading mapi and casting to MapiJournal / saving calendar, appointment etc as mhtml with all header render flags, Aspose will use a custom CSS for header (font etc) which is nice
    mhtSaveOptions.CssStyles = xyz
    The header rendering problem is with IPM.Activity Journals:
    Activity.png (60.3 KB)

As you can see either the headers/info is rendered twice and the 2nd time does not apply the CSS or… possible to have both parts (1 & 2) get the same CSS style like the 1st part (the above section) to be like calendar, appointment?
Anyhow, please kindly check some info is dual rendered: Subject

This needs a fix or some way I’m not aware of?


Created EMAILNET-40919 for the queries above. Thanks.

Hi, could you provide the file that is causing of issue shown in Activity.png?

Hi @australian.dev.nerds
You can set color by simple code
MapiNote note = new MapiNote(“Blue color note”, “This is a blue color note”);
note.Color = NoteColor.Blue;
note.Save(msgFileName, NoteSaveFormat.Msg);
this will work for msg and pst formats. The feature of setting the color for the mhtml format is not yet planned.