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2D Barcode Generation (Data Matrix)


I saw some of the example when generating a 2d barcode, it create an image first.

My question is, can I use a font… and just use the Aspose.BarCode.dll to the encoding/decoding?


Hello Ted,

Many thanks for contacting Aspose support. Aspose.Barcode API gives you control over barcode text fonts. You can apply formatting, select desired font family as well as change the font size or color. Please refer to this help topic: Control The Appearance of Code Text (.NET Platform)

Aspose.BarCode APIs allow you to add barcode encoding feature support in any of your .NET applications. This requires referencing two dlls, Aspose.Barcode.dll and System.Drawing library (which is part of .NET Framework).

We hope this helps. Please be sure to let us know in case you have any queries or concerns, we will be glad to further assist you.