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3D Chart options


How do I set the “Right angle axes”, “Height: ___ % of base”, and/or the “Auto Scaling” properties seen in the 3D View dialog box? I’m currently using



These features are not supported yet. I will add them in the future releases. Now could you set them in your designer file?

Hi Laurence

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I need to create the chart thru the API so I can’t set it in the designer file. The main reason I need these properties is because when I create a new 3D Column chart, the chart seems to be squashed together. I’m unsure how to expand the chart. I’ve attached a screenshot of the resulting chart and below is some of the properties I’m setting:

chart.Rotation = 10
chart.Elevation = 5
chart.DepthPercent = 500

Maybe you can suggest some other properties that can be set to expand the actual graph? Thanks for your help.


Hi Steve,

Have you tried to use chart.ChartArea.Width to expand it?

Hi Laurence

The Chartarea width doesn’t seem to have any effect on the generated chart. I’ve sent my code and a screenshot via email since I can’t attach to this post. Maybe you can have a look. Thanks.


OK, I will check this issue right now. Thanks for your patience.