403 Access Issue for Aspose Repos

Failed to collect dependencies at com.aspose:aspose-slides:jar:jdk16:23.2: Failed to read artifact descriptor for com.aspose:aspose-slides:jar:jdk16:23.2: Could not transfer artifact com.aspose:aspose-slides:pom:23.2 from/to AsposeJavaAPI (Aspose Repository Browser /java/repo/): authorization failed for https://repository.aspose.com/repo/com/aspose/aspose-slides/23.2/aspose-slides-23.2.pom, status: 403 Forbidden


We have informed the responsible team (hosting team). According to the team: “We have been experiencing a huge and sudden surge in parasitic traffic since the beginning of May. We expect this increase to continue. Therefore, we have enabled the Web Application Firewall, and it is quite possible that clients making more than 300 requests in 5 minutes have been blocked”.

We are working with our hosting team in order to resolve the problem soon. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. We will update you once any update is available.


We increased the limit to two requests per second. Could you please recheck whether the problem still persists for you.