404 clicking on links

e.g. on

Clicking on IDocumentFontUtilities link gives a 404

IDocumentFontUtilities instance

Returns: IDocumentFontUtilities - IDocumentFontUtilities instance

The correct link should be


We have now fixed the issue with “IDocumentFontUtilities” broken-link in API reference guide. Thanks.

You didn’t bother to check the other links on that page?

There are more giving 404 … e.g. https://reference.aspose.com/pdf/java/com.aspose.pdf.engine/ipdfdocument/

I’m not going to spoon-feed them all to you!


We have noted your concerns and will find and fix all broken-links from Aspose.PDF for Java API reference guide as soon as possible. We apologize for your inconvenience.

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