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A few questions


A few questions about ASPose.Words:

  1. Does it supports Office 2003/2007?
  2. Does it FULLY support Right-to-Left documents (creating, reading, merging, etc…)
  3. Does it support .net 3.0?
  4. Is it possible to create tables (for example) directly from ADO.net objects (like DataTables)
  5. Is it possible to view a word document (using ASPose.Words) inside a WinForm form/usercontrol?
  6. If the asnwer to 5 is “yes” - Is it possible to make the displayed document “read only”?
    This is something that can not be done with MS Word in no way and this is a feature we are looking for a long time now.
    (“read only” means the user can scroll the document, copy to clipboard, but can not change anything (like "locking’ the document for changes. Excel got this feature, but not word).




Thank you for considering Aspose.Words.

  1. Yes, except the DOCX format which will be added in a couple of months.
  2. Aspose.Words is capable to create, read, merge etc RTL documents; it does support RTL text. You can download the evaluation version from our download page and test it on this matter. If something does not suit you, just post the request here in the forum.
  3. We are testing it against .NET 3.0 right now and will publish the results in several days.
  4. Not sure what “directly” means here. Aspose.Words allows to perform mail merge which populate a prepared template with data from an ADO .NET object such as DataTable, DataSet etc. However, the template should exist. Read the Perform Mail Merge section of our Programmers Guide to know more.
  5. We are working on a document rendering module and we hope to get it finished in April. It will allow to draw a document say to a bitmap and view it inside a WinForm or anywhere you need. Currently you can export a document to RTF and load the RTF into a RichTextBox.
  6. Making displayed document read-only means that the user would be able to edit it, but the question #5 was about viewing only so I’m a bit confused here. If you need to view and edit a document similarly to Microsoft Word, please consider another product of ours, Aspose.Editor. By the way, did you try to protect document from being edited? This feature seems to fit your requirements and it is available both in Word and Aspose.Words, please read here. But it has nothing to do with document viewing.

If you need further clarification, please feel free to ask me more.


I have a similar question. Could you please give me a short example of how to display a word document in a winforms control?

Thank you in advance!


Thanks for your inquiry. I think, you can use DocumentExplorer (Aspose.Words demo) as an example. This demo is included into Aspose.Words MSI installation package. There is button “Render Document”. You can use the underlying code as an example how to view document in WinForms application.

Best regards.

This was helpful. Thanks!

And one more question - Is it possible to enable select and copy functionality in this viewer?


Thanks for your inquiry. No, there is no way to select and copy text if you display document such way. This is because pages are just images.

However, if you are working with WPF application, you can integrate XPS viewer into your application. Then convert document to XPS using Aspose.Words and display it in viewer. In this case, you will be able select and copy text from the document.

Best regards,