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A great product and some questions!

Hi there,

Aspose.Word looks like a great product and I have a few questions:

1. Basically I’m looking for something which will allow me to open a word document and convert it to text so that I can save it to a DB field for searching for phrases and words.

After reading through your site and forums I believe Aspose.Word will do this (and a lot more!). I guess this is as simple as opening a doc and saving it as *txt format. Does this sound do-able?

2. Do you have ETA for the next release ? I don’t want to purchase this release and miss out of features which may be available in a months time !

3. I don’t know if this is already a feature but is it possible to open a word document within a C# managed memory stream as a string ? This would allow me to search a document without saving a version to a DB.

4. I read that your current version supports word 97, 2000, 2003, XP and I think Mac as well. Do you have plans for 95 ? I know its incredibly old but I anticipate some circa 95 docs !




1. Yes, saving a document in text format is as easy as specifying a parameter to Document.Save method.

2. Aspose.Word 1.1 (next release) ETA is mid January (1-2 weeks away), but check with Aspose pricing and licensing policies. I believe you don’t need to pay for version upgrades. You only need pay a difference if you want to get a more advanced license. At the moment Aspose.Word is cheap because it has just been released and features are somewhat limited, but the price will go up as we add more and more features.

3. Thanks for mentioning opening a document from a managed stream. We’ve overlooked this features and we will add it to Aspose.Word 1.1 release. Aspose.Word already can save into a file or into a stream so it is bound to be able to open from the stream too.

4. Word versions down to 95 can be supported if there is demand from customers like you. At Aspose we develop component features driven by customers. Please let us know more why (how comes) you need to open Word 95 documents. It is not possible to add this feature in Aspose.Word 1.1, but it could be included in 1-2 months release from now. So far we consider this an “exotic” feature and likely to include it in the most expensive edition type (probably Enterprise Edition).

Thanks for your response!

briefly -

1. Brillant

2. I’ll have to have a read of the license.

3. Sounds good.

4. I understand that full feature support for all versions of Word should be thought of as Enterprise level requirement but I would have thought that some of the most basic features i.e read and save would be supported for all versions of Word to strengthen the backwards compatibility selling point of what is shaping up to be a superb product!


Aspose.Word 1.1 with some great features is out: