A problem with Merging cells


This is a dynamically generated presentation - the slides are auto-generated etc..

I keep two arraylists - one keeps an array of repeating rows to be merged (these are table headers that I need to repeat if the table grows too large for a slide) - a new slide is generated and a new table is added with the repeating headers.. Some rows I need to merge but not repeat - so I store them in a separate array.. So lets assume the following:

RowsToRepeat contains: (0)

RowsToDiscard contains: (1)

I have a generic function that I pass these arrays to. Lets further assume that I have 4 rows total - with 4 columns.. All the merges get called after that table is generated..

First Merge: Row 0

The generic function checks for blank columns and merges them to the column to the left (assuming the left column is not also blank.) Lets say row 0 looks like this:

Item 1/(blank)/Item 2/ Item 3..

AND Row 1 looks like this:

Item 1/(blank)/(blank)/(blank)

The result should be:

Row 0 = Item 1/Item 2/ Item 3

Row 1 = Item 1

The problem is if Row 0 gets merged first - Row 1 now only has 3 columns - not 4 (as it should) - I can workaround it by calling the merge on the RowsToDiscard array first.. But then my code becomes more error-prone - far from a bullet-proof solution..

This appears to be a problem in Aspose - because if I merged Row 1 first - the problem does not occur.. IS there a better way to workaround this? Can this be fixed?

Secondly - the AddRow function seems to clone the row above it - and not create a new row with blank fields.. Is this something I can change - other than writing blank strings to the newly created cells?

Thank you.


Bump for response - apologies.


I’m testing it yet. Sorry for no responce.