A question about decimal digits of Aspose.Grid.Web

After testing, I found the maximum number of decimal digits of Aspose.Grid.Web can accurately specify is only 8. In my requirement, I need the number of decimal digits is 15,like Excel. If the Aspose.Grid.Web just can accurately specify is 8? Can you provide the new version for my requirement?


Well, Aspose.Grid.Web works same with MS Excel. Could you give us more details, how do you specify decimal digits, do you set it in code or inserting it visually working with the grid. If you set it in codes, please give us your sample code. If you are inserting numbers with decimals visually, please give the steps involved.

And by the way, which version of the component you are using?

Thank you.

I used V2.0.1.2009

I found cell.PutValue can't set the value of an over 18 digits decimal.(e.g:0.123456789012345);It just load a 8 digits decimal in the page.(e.g:0.123456789)

witch attribute in the WebCell can set the unformated value(like 0.123456789012345) except cell.PutValue?


Well, I think you may format your value up to your desired decimal places.


WebCell cell;

WebCells cells = GridWeb1.WebWorksheets[0].Cells;

cell = cells["A1"];


cell.Custom = "0.000000000000000";

cells.SetColumnWidth(0, new Unit("220pt"));

Thank you.

I know you said.

well, I set a custom in my cell.

my real requestion is:

1.input a value into one cell,(e.g 1.123456789012345) like pic1;

2.submit the cell by button.(I will save the value of all cells into my oracle database);

3.after reload the page,because of the cusotm of the cell(0.00), it looks "1.12"; like pic 2

4.when I press the leftbutton of mouse on the cell, we should be look the real value,but I just look the "1.123456789" . like pic 3

Do you know the cause of this issue?


Yes, it only allows a cell value up to 9 decimal places. We will check it and get back to you soon.

Thank you.

Thanks! I will expect your solution.

How about this issue?

And There is another issue about decimal digits:

In Excel,If the cell's format is 0.00, it will show "0.12" when the real value of this cell is "0.12345"; So,If I selected this cell and copy the value(press "Ctrl + C"), and paste the value to another cell in any excel file, the real value of second cell is "0.12345";If the value of first cell from formula(e.g A1*B1),the real value of seconde cell is "0.12345" too.But if I want to copy the value from Excel to Aspose.Grid.Web, I just get the "0.12";The real value,"0.12345" will can't be paste in the Aspose.Grid.Web.Can you make the Aspose.Grid.Web support this "copy mode"?


Please try the attached version v2.0.1.2012. We have enhanced it for your need, now there is no 9 decimal places limit any more.

For your another issue, Aspose.Grid.Web copies data from clipboard of the system. The details of excel can not be read out currently. So, the “copy mode” is not supported.

Thank you.


we are facing a similar issue.

We are inputting the value of the cell: 1.123456789

We would like to show 1.123 as the value of the cell, but it truncates it in 1.12 because of the cell custom. If we click with the left button of the mouse we can see the right number, but we would like to have it shown in the grid without clicking.

Do you have any idea about this issue?

Thanks and regards



Yes, it will show 1.12 if you have set "0.00" as custom formatting attribute, I think you may try to set "0.000" as custom formatting attribute for your need:

WebCell cell;

WebCells cells = GridWeb1.WebWorksheets[0].Cells;

cell = cells["A1"];


cell.Custom = "0.000";

And we also recommend you to try v2.0.1.2012 of Aspose.Grid.Web.

Thank you.

Thank you very much! I will try it.

Can you update the Aspose.Grid.Web to the new version and make it support this “copy mode”?


Well, regarding "copy mode" feature, I am afraid we have to investigate and analyze certain things whether it can be implemented or not. We will check it later and update you.

Thanks for being patient!

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 9555) have been fixed in this update.

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