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?A report definition URL is not found in the specified report template. Please check that custom text document property "Aspose.Words.SharePoint.ReportUrl" is defined in the report template

I am attempting to trial your software.

My scenario:
I have created a document library and replaced the template.dotx file with a Word 2007 .docx as my template.
I have a workflow write to the document library, this automatically creates a Word 2007 document, populated by the newly added list item.
A workflow on the document then calls the Aspose.Words report creator to transform that Word 2007 document into a PDF.

So my data source is the Sharepoint Foundation list of the document library.

When I have tested the Aspose.Words Reporting function manually, I receive the error message of the Subject Title (nor does my workflow subsequently work).

The instructions for creating the Reporting URL function are not clear.


In the beginning blurb for this section there is mention of an XML file. What file and where?
If my data source is the Sharepoint document list itself, how do I refer to it in this XML file?

point 5 and 6: What is the complete url that I should be entering here?. My Word based template LBA.docx is stored at http://server/ar/ca/LBA/Forms/LBA.docx Is this the URL I should enter? or should I be entering the .XML file path?

How is the .XML associated with my .docx template?

Can someone please advise (I have searched your forum and a person with a similar issue was directed to the installation manual, as I have mentioned, I have found the section on configuring the Report function lacking in detail)?

Also, for merging fields, can the DOCUMENT PROPERTIES inserts that come with Word 2007 be used, or only the FIELD inserts?


PS: The straightforward Aspose.Words converter works really well.

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