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About Excel.Save method


It seems to me that there are a few little bugs (or strange behaviors):

1) if i call the method Excel.Save(fileName, saveType, fileFormatType, response)

with fileName <> "" and saveType = OpenInExcel, it works as it were OpenInBrowser. (If fileName = "" it behaves correctly)

2) after i call the method Excel.Save (every overloads), the Excel object is empty (i mean Excel.Worksheet(0).Cells.Count = 0)

3) from point 2): i make a copy of the Excel object (because i need to call the Save method more than once) like this:

Dim copyExcel as New Aspose.Cells.Excel


everithing works but copyExcel loses the information about the property IsVisible of the Worksheets.

4) in Aspose.Cells Help the Excel.Save method has 5 Overloads, but it seems to me that the 4th and the 5th are the same.

I'm using Aspose.Cells version

Please let me know if I'am wrong about this points. I'm particulary interested in point 3)

Thanks a Lot


1) What do you mean "it works as it were OpenInBrowser"? Is the Excel file also opened in the browser? You can try to install all IE and windows patches.

2)After calling Excel.Save method, data in Excel object is reset. So if calling Save method second time, blank file will be saved.

3) Do you mean after calling Excel.Copy method, hidden worksheets are visible again? I will check it.

4)Yes, no difference. This is to avoid users misplacing the parameters.


thanks for the fast reply. First of all exscuse me for the mismatch of the Aliases, I'm Andrea.

1) I ment the Excel file is opened only in the browser, but i checked again and i found it was my error: i forgot to put the ".xls" extension in the fileName. Sorry!

2) OK

3) Yes, exactly.

4) OK


Please try this attached fix. (3) is fixed.

It works good!

Thank you very much,