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About Exporting to word


I am using Aspose.word to export chart to word. But, i am having one table also above the chart.I am unable to export whole webpage to word.

In the demos which you have given in the Installation package, you are using one existing word document and appending the chart or any table to that.

I have tried in that way also. I am unable to create mail merge in the word document. how to create that and how to export whole web page to word using this tool.

Thank you.

To import Html to Word you can either open Html file in Document constructor:

Document doc = new Document("myPage.html");

or use DocumentBuilder.InsertHtml method with Html string as parameter.

Please mind that Aspose.Word support of Html has certain limitations. For example, Html using css is not yet supported.

Concerning MailMerge I advise reading Performing Mail Merge article in Aspose.Word Wiki:

Is thers an estimated date when html using css will be supported?

Is it unsupported just for DocumentBuilder.InsertHtml, or it is also unsupported for the constructor argument?