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About FBX line color


I ran the following source to create an FBX file. When I checked it with Unity or Autodesk Viewer, it was not colored. Please tell me how to color.

        Scene scene = new Scene();

          x1 = 0,
          y1 = 0,
          z1 = 0,
          x2 = 100,
          y2 = 100,
          z2 = 100;
        var line = new Line("Line");
        line.Excluded = false;
        line.Visible = true;
        line.ControlPoints.Add(new Vector4(x1, y1, z1));
        line.ControlPoints.Add(new Vector4(x2, y2, z2));
        line.Segments.Add(new int[] { 0, 1 });
        line.Color = new Vector3(255, 192, 203);


        scene.Save(dir + "output.fbx", FileFormat.FBX7500Binary);



You are using a file format that is for binary FBX files. Please try to use FBX7500ASCII option while using FBXSaveOptions Class and let us know if you still face any issue.