I am using demo version to generate word document.

I am using db2 database to get the data. While passing the resultset to doc.getMailMerge().execute(rs);

Getting following error.

java.lang.AbstractMethodError: weblogic.jdbc.wrapper.ResultSet_COM_ibm_db2_jdbc_net_DB2ResultSet.getType()I

Or give me any other way to pass the data to generate tabular format rows in word document




Sorry for the delay in replying. We logged this to investigate, will tro to fix in 2-3 weeks.


It looks like your db2 dataset throws that exception. Maybe because it does not implement the interface of the result set properly. See it appears to be in getType(). We have tested with several datasets, but not with db2 one. At this stage only a vague workaround - avoid using that class. More detailed info a bit later.


Hi, Anand,

Can you provide additional info? ResultSet.getType() is here from jdk 1.2. What version of your db2 driver?

The simplest way to get data from an arbitrary data source is implementation of IMailMergeDataSource interface (only three methods). If your driver doesn’t support only getType() but can move a cursor and get data, you can use this option. See com.aspose.words. IMailMergeDataSource javadoc for further info.

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