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Access Denied Error when using Aspose Word

I am getting an access denied error when using Aspose Word on only 2 of our servers. I don’t have immediate access to this server, but my code works on 4 others servers fine. The server admin says all 6 servers are set up the same and we haven’t found any differences in permissions or setup . MS Index server is not running on these servers. <o:p></o:p>

After trying several different tests, it appears it might be the following code that is getting the access denied error:

License license = new License();

license.SetLicense(serverPath + @"\Aspose.Word.lic");

Is it possible that the license setting would generate an 'Access Denied' error? What situations would cause us to get this error? I confirmed the lic file exists in the 'serverPath'.

You really need to look carefully at the error message.

If it says "Access denied ... Aspose.Word.dll" then Aspose.Word basically cannot be loaded and it is an "MS Index server - like" issue.

If it says "Access denied ...\Aspose.Word.lic" then your application does not have enough permissions to read that file. You need to see what user account your app runs with (ASPNET probably) and whether the ASPNET account has permissions to read that license file. You need to look at authentication/impersonation etc settings of your app.

I was only getting the "Access Denied" error without the file name. We just solved the mystery. The ASPNET account did not have permissions on the "Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys" directory. My application was failing on the 'SetLicense' method because of no permissions on that directory and for some reason I only got a non-descriptive "Access Denied" error.

Thanks for you help, Roman.