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Accessing OneNote online notebooks in .NET

We are considering Aspose.Note, but it’s not clear to us whether the product can access OneNote Online notebooks (https:// We don’t see any examples of this.

So, is this possible, or is it for local notebooks only?

Aspose.Note loads local files and cannot access online notebooks. Please refer to the following article to check different methods for loading notebooks.

Create and Load a OneNote Document

I have further evaluated this requirement and would like to share that as Microsoft OneDrive service has a capability to download documents as *.one files, these files can be processed by Aspose.Note. In this way, you may use Aspose.Note to process online notebooks.

Hope this helps a bit.

Hi Aspose team,

does that mean that Aspose.Notes can process OneNote.Online format? I am struggling with users of my application as frequently Aspose.Notes is reporting “This version of file format is not supported” errors.


We are working on supporting OneNote Online and we will have something ready or a meaningful ETA soon.


Well, Aspsoe.Note does support processing OneNote.Online format. If you find any issue, kindly do share reports (with samples, etc.) which are not processed fine by Aspose.Note, we will check it soon.