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Add a PDF as a watermark to another PDF

Dear Support

Is the following possible?:

- PDF document A contains one or multiple pages.
- PDF document B contains one page.
- Merge PDF document A with PDF document B in a way that behind every page of document A, document B is used as a watermark (i.e. document A is "layered behind" document B)

If this is not possible, would it be possible if document B is not a PDF but e.g. a TIF document?


Uwe Keim wrote:
(i.e. document A is "layered behind" document B)

Sorry, this should read

(i.e. document B is "layered behind" document A)

Dear Uwe,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Using Pdf as watermark for another pdf is not supported. But the Pdf2Image feature will soon be available then you can convert your pdf to image before using it as watermark. Currently JPG,PNG and GIF can be used as watermark. TIFF will be supported later.

Sorry for my mistake. Our developer tested TIFF image and found it can be used as watermark.

Good to hear! Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, due to this, it doesn't help me further (or does TIFF take care of DPI)?


Please see your next post the link referred to, thanks.