Add a Signature field


Hello -
I am writting a VB.NET Windows Forms (not ASP.NET) application that uses Crystal Reports to generate a .PDF file. I need a component that will take the .PDF file that is generated by Crystal Reports and add a Signature field to it and save it. I have other software/hardware that will be used for opening the file in Acrobat so that someone can sign the .PDF file. I just need something to add the Signature field at a specific spot on the page so it is already there when Acrobat opens the .PDF file.
Is this something that Aspose.pdf could do? Would it be possible to see a VB.NET example of how this would work?
Thanks in advance,


Dear customer,

Thanks for your consideration.

The function you want is not supported in Aspose. Pdf currently.

We are currently working on a fix for tables. We will begin to work on the PDF Template System and Reading PDF Text in late July.

These two features are related to your requirement. The new release should be available in September.

Is that too late for your needs?