Add different type of annotations inside PDF document using Aspose.PDF for .NET

We are planning to implement annotations with PDF Editor with all the below options. Please let us know these features are doable with aspose.pdf. There is no demo available on PDF annotations except remove annotations. Please share us any demo on PDF annotations.

  1. shapes (DRAWING MARKUP) with color option
  2. pencil
  3. eraser
  4. call-outs
  5. Notes
  7. Distance, perimeter, area

Please do the needful ASAP. Thank you.


Do you want to achieve your requirements using Online PDF Editor (one of our free apps) or you want to implement the functionality in codebehind using Aspose.PDF API? Please share a sample PDF document containing all these annotations so that we can investigate their feasibility in our environment and share our feedback with you accordingly.

Not with a free tool, we are planning to take license.
We would like to open PDF in aspose editor and add buttons to the editor which is not giving by default in the editor like lock/unlock, annotations mentioned in the earlier post.

sample-drawing-package-1and2family-pages-2-edited.pdf (175.0 KB)
Mark_up_anything_that_needs_revision_or_improvement…png (82.9 KB)
unnamed.png (76.4 KB)
Tool-Chest.jpg (115.5 KB)

Regd. PDF Compression, is there any limitation on the file size? In the demo when we upload 11MB file, its saying there is a 10MB limit? Please confirm.


We need to investigate the feasibility of such annotations in the API and for the purpose a feature request has been logged in our issue tracking system as PDFNET-48646. Currently you can add some annotations in PDF documents using the API as mentioned in following articles:

For your particular requirements, we will investigate the feasibility and inform you as soon as logged ticket is resolved. Please have patience and spare us some time.

There is no such limitation in terms of file size. Please make sure that you are using the API with a valid license. In case you do not have one, please consider using 30-days free temporary license. Please let us know if you still face issue by sharing your sample PDF document with us.


Regarding the earlier logged ticket, we have gathered the relevant details. Please check the list of all annotations which Aspose.PDF for .NET supports:

  • FileAttachmentAnnotation
  • LinkAnnotation
  • TextAnnotation
  • FreeTextAnnotation
  • HighlightAnnotation
  • UnderlineAnnotation
  • StrikeOutAnnotation
  • SquigglyAnnotation
  • PopupAnnotation
  • LineAnnotation
  • CircleAnnotation
  • SquareAnnotation
  • InkAnnotation
  • PolygonAnnotation
  • PolylineAnnotation
  • CaretAnnotation
  • WidgetAnnotation
  • SoundAnnotation
  • MovieAnnotation
  • ScreenAnnotation
  • RedactionAnnotation
  • WatermarkAnnotation
  • PDF3DAnnotation
  • RichMediaAnnotation

For your other particular shapes i.e. call-outs, cloud, arrow, etc. They are offered as drawing tools in the comments menu of the Acrobat Reader. We are investigating against the feasibility of adding them inside a PDF document and will inform you soon about the results. Meanwhile, please let us know in case you need further assistance.


We have prepared a sample Winforms application for your reference which adds all types of the above annotations inside PDF. (2.6 MB)

Shared archive contains Winforms application including sample source PDF document as well as other used resource files in the bin/Debug folder. You can run the project after opening it in Visual Studio and restoring NuGet Package (Aspose.PDF). The application will generate output files in the bin/Debug folder.

Furthermore, we are investigating against adding other drawing objects i.e. arrow, cloud, callout, ellipse, etc. and will inform you soon as soon as we have some updates about the possibility to add them. Please have patience and give us some time.

As informed earlier, we need these options in web application, not in Windows app.

That’s why clearly mention html pdf editor in the ticket.

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The code for creating annotations will stay the same. We just created this quick sample to give you guys some idea on how to use the annotations. So you can simply use the code snippets from the sample project in any kind of application whether web, desktop, APIs etc.

As far as online demos are concerned, that is going to take some time. We’ll plan this to add annotations related online demo, but that will take time as our demos team will have to plan and schedule at their end. That’s why we just created a quick sample project to just give some idea of the usage of the annotations.

I would recommend you to test the web forms project and then just copy the code of the annotations which you specifically need for your project.

I hope this helps.

We have downloaded the code and able to run it locally. Please check below screencast

Here our requirement is we should be able to select shape/annotation, draw it in PDF, drag and drop, resize it and etc which can be achieved with javascript in the web app.

We can create a similar sample app you provided with the given documentation, but our expectation is different. The given code is not helpful for us.

We need similar functionality like how Image annotations and full-text markup is working in pdf editor sample on your website. we would like to add other annotations in a similar way able ro select annotation, drag-drop, resize and etc.

Please do the needful.


We are checking further details at our end against your recent comments and will get back to you in a while with feedback.