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Add Row Add Column Add Column Headers Broken in Aspose.Cells.GridWeb .NET


I am having several issues with the Web Grid and need your help.

1. The column headers do not display properly (the column width is smaller than the main cells) in IE 8 standards mode. It works fine in IE8 compatibility mode.

2. Add Row/Insert Row/Add Column Insert Column are all not working in IE8 and FireFox. In IE8 standards mode, none of these functions (from right context menu) work at all. In IE8 compatibility mode, it works sometimes but not all. In Firefox 3.0, it also works intermittently but not consistently.

Please help.


Well, we tested both your issues on IE6,7 and Firfox 5.0 and it works fine. We will continue to test the issues on IE8.0 and let you kow soon.

By the way which version of Aspose.Grid.Web you are using? Did you try latest version v2.0.1.xxxx?

Thank you.


We have tested it on IE8. The GridWeb control does not work fine in IE8 standard mode. There are two temporary solutions to resolve the issue without setting IE8 compatibility mode manually, please choose any one for your requirement.

1. Add into header section of html which contains gridweb control. The code is like this:

Untitled Page

2. Configure the IIS settings, add the custom header(X-UA-Compatible) and value (IE=EmulateIE7). This solution will apply the custom header to all requests.

Thank you.

As an FYI, I just made this change in our site. This works great as long as the compatibility statement is the firts statement in the header (also works if title is first). If other statements are before it, it does not work.

Thanks for the update.

Also, I just downloaded the latest code and it is still not IE8 compatible. Any idea when that is coming?


Well, I am afraid currently you have to use the options/settings(that we mentioned in our previous post) in source of the web page to make it compatible with IE8.0. We might look into it in future versions. When we support it we will let you know.

Keep in touch, Thanks.