Add tablestyle

how can I add a tablestyle in word ? I receive always an error, is not possible ?
There is a workaround ?

Unfortunately Aspose.Words doesn’t support table styles yet. Table styles are under development now.
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Ok, but how then is possible assigne a tablestyle already present on doc file ? = "a tableword style in word"

generate an error.
Workaround ?

Could you please attach a sample document to test?

in the attached doc You can find the tablestyle TabellaRicambi.
In my code I generate a table and I wish to apply this tablestyle.
How can I do that ?

Thank you for attachment. Alas, after consulting with the rest of the team I concluded that it’s better to avoid accessing table styles at all untill the full support is implemented. They are read into the model from the source document but only to preserve them when saving. We will try to implement the full support of table styles shortly.

before the full support to tablestyles, there is a way to only apply an existent tablestyle ?
(nor create or modify, only apply) ?

Thanks for your request. But, unfortunately, table styles are still not supported by Aspose.Words. Also you can’t apply existing table style. This feature will be implemented in one of the future releases.
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there is some news about apply existing table style ?

Unfortunately table styles are still not supported.
Best regards.

I’ve downloaded the version but the tablestyle format is not yet supported :-((
Is so impossible ? I’m looking for this feature since 4.3 version.

Thank you for your inquiry.
We know this is our shortage, unsupported table styles. But even now we cannot promise to implement them fast. I’m sorry. Maybe we can apply the same formatting that your table style contains to the tables programmatically. There shouldn’t be much mess, of course dependent on what you’d like to do with table styles.
Please explain the task in concept and we’ll try to build a workaround together.
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Ok thank for help.
Well, my need is very simple. We have a program to make manuals in FrameEditor, InDesing and Word. The input is separated from content and so we can write a paragraph and assign to it a “virtual style” as BoldRed or Center as so on. When the program make the file in FE,InD o Word is simple to apply the “real style”. In this manner the content is separated from layout and is a great thing !.
Also for the tables I wish apply the same concept (as in FE e InD) and avoid to hardcode the formatting in source code. Actually in Word I must assign a paragraph style to table and change it directly in word after the rendering (every time I generate a manual )
Is welcome any workaround…
Thank you

Thanks for your explanation. I think that you can get formatting of each cell inside table (borders, back color, etc) and then apply this formation for cell in the word document using Cell.CellFormat. Text formatting you can apply using your concept.
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Yes, it is interesting but not very usefull for me because I cannot apply a style to cells o rows. Cell.CellFormat and Row.RowFormat works property by property.
The concept is one (or many) “virtual style” on the content program, and one real style to the output.