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Adding a page or combining documents

I have two mail merged word documetns I want to combine. Can I combine them with:

newDocument = docOne + docTwo;

or is their away I can combine mail merge pages using a function?


Hi Jason,

Good question. I’ve been thinking about this one before.

It is sort of possible but kind of difficult in some situations. For example, the documents could have different styles or styles with same names but different formatting. Number of other things could crop up such as list styles, headers and footers, bookmarks and so on.

It is possible to support a copy of the whole document and append it or insert into another. Same applies to sections. It is difficult to copy by page because Aspose.Word cannot figure out where the page starts and ends unless there are explicit page or section breaks.

Will you be happy if Aspose.Word suppored copy section by section and some formatting could be lost if there is really a mismatch between styles in the documents?

List formatting is no longer lost, please get latest Aspose.Word 2.0.4. For more info see