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Adding a row to webgrid w/o postback via javascript in .NET

I’d like to avoid a round trip to the server when adding rows to a GridWeb - is there a way to add a row and render the grid with 1 or more additional rows in javascript? I am doing a pretty data entry intensive application with users frequently inserting rows and would like to handle as much as possible on the client side. We are running within a portal with about 1-2 second per round trip overhead, so adding more data would be pretty painfull with screen refreshing every 2 seconds… Similarly I wouldn’t wanr a delete row delete roundtrip. If I could add rows via JS, I’d then disable row add/insert. User woud then delete by marking data for deletion via a checkbox. Multiple changes changes (inserts/deletes/updates) then could be handled in a single submit/commit postback…

In case you are wondering why I am not enabling gridweb’s ajax, it is because it does not work for us due to the portal/other javascript packages interactions…


Thanks for your inquiry.

Well, I am afraid, Aspose.Cells.GridWeb does not support to add/insert rows on client side in JS, you need to perform these operations on server side.

Sorry for any inconvenience.