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Adding Logo Marks

I currently add a logomark to documents filed thru our web site. The logo mark is added to all the pages of the document. Is it possible to add the logo mark to the 1st page only?

I have attached the code I am using currently.

Forgot to mention - Aspose PDF version is 2.4.2

Thanks for considering Aspose.

The following is a sample code that only adds logo marks on 1st page.

'Set the file names of the input and output PDF files
Dim inFile As String = "example1.pdf"
Dim outFile As String = "StampLogo.pdf"

Dim aStamp As Stamp = New Stamp()
aStamp.BindLogo(New FormattedText("Hello Aspose.Pdf.Kit!"))
aStamp.IsBackground = False
aStamp.Pages =New Integer(){1} 'add logo mark only on 1st page.
aStamp.Rotation = 90
Dim stamper As PdfFileStamp = New PdfFileStamp(inFile,outFile)