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Adding new slides


I am working on a reporting software and would like to know how to add new slides to a presentation.

The initial situation is that I do not know how many slides there will be and if there would be a graph or text on a slide. The amout of slides varies each time and the same sitatuation there is with the graph/text issue.

How can I do this?


Dear BoAnder,

Adding new slides to a presentation and creating presentations from scratch will be available in enterprise edition of Aspose.PowerPoint in May.

Now to create new slides you should create separate presentation with one empty slide and clone this slide to your target ppt.

Adding new text frames to a slide will be implemented in this month.

Has this functionality been released as yet? I"m looking for a .Add method on the presentation.slides class but can't find one.

Hello cwad,
you can create new slides using one of presentatataon’s CloneSlide or Add*Slide (AddEmptySlide, AddHeaderSlide and so on) methods.