Adding OLE Objects with Display As Icon

I have been using your Aspose.Words component to generate Word documents for data concerning a migration. I have run into a problem now where I need to insert files into documents as attachments. What I need is the same as using in Word : Insert Object / Create From File / Display as Icon. These documents can be Word docs, Adobe PDF files, Excel files and so on…
Based on the information I found on your forum, I think that inserting OLE objects into documents is not (yet) possible. Is this correct ? Is there a workaround somehow ? Are there plans to add this functionality ?

Sure, we would be happy to implement this functionality. But to do this we need to know the format of OLE descriptors which are added to document OLE structure when they are embedded. Namely, ObjInfo and CompObj. These descriptors are undocumented as far as I know and to decipher them will take a lot of time. However, we have the logged task on this and will get to it as soon as time permits.
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After a years plus, has this featured been added already?

Thanks for your request. Unfortunately, this feature is not implemented yet. This is logged in our defect database as issue #3050.
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Is there any chance for this function to be implemented in the near future?
Since we have customers asking for this, it would be great to get some sort of support to “embed files/objects” into doc/docx using Aspose.Words.

Is there any other way to achieve this? I guess I could offer a hyperlink pointing to some file on my file system, but embedding the file into the Word document would be what we actually need.

Any ideas on this are much appreciated!

Thanks for your request. Unfortunately, inserting new OLE objects into Word documents and updating existing OLE objects is still not supported. Inserting an OLE object usually requires the host application and probably cannot be done by Aspose.Words.
What is supported is preserving OLE objects in documents. That is if you open an MS Word document and then save it (possibly in another MS Word format) then OLE objects are preserved. You can also access objects programmatically, extract their data and preview image. However, creating new OLE objects is not supported.
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The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-1206) have been fixed in this .NET update and this Java update.

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