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Adding Shapes

I have noticed that there are 4 choices when adding a new shape to a slide.

Shape shape1 = slide2.Shapes.AddEllipse(500,800,1000,2000);
Shape shape2 = slide2.Shapes.AddLine(new Point(1000, 1000), new Point(3000, 3000));
Shape shape3 = slide2.Shapes.AddPictureFrame(1,900,600,2000,500);
Shape shape4 = slide2.Shapes.AddRectangle(3000,5,798,254);

Now to my question: Why is there not a Shapes.AddTextFrame()?

Is there a workaround to cast one of the existing shape to a TextFrame?

Also what units are the height and width in for the existing Add methods?

Thanks for your help.

Dear Chrons,

AddTextFrame was not implemented yet.
In 1.7 release we will change work with shapes and text frames. So it will be possible to add such function in the nearest future.

All units are pixels and resolution of slide is 576 pixels per inch.

Thank you…

Do you know when we can expect version 1.7?


Dear Chrons,

Sure, I know. It will be released tomorrow.

Hi Alexei,

Are there some problems with release of 1.7.Crying? I am also very interested in the new version. Do you have a new releasedate.



Dear Hari,

Please check my blog:
We published it today at the morning but announce little delayed.