Adding Table to Existing PDF



I need to open an existing PDF, navigate to several different bookmarks and insert formatted datatables in their place. Is this possible? I’ve dug around and all I can find is references to PDF.Kit’s ability to do “simple editing”. Is adding a table considered “simple”?

Perhaps you can suggest an alternative to getting a dynamically-generated table into an esiting PDF if the above is not possible?



Thanks for considering Aspose.

Sorry to tell u the function to dynamically generate tables into existing pdf files is not included in our component at present.



Can you suggest some kind of workaround? Perhaps I can convert the source PDF to XML and edit it that way? Maybe split the document at the bookmark and inject a converted word doc of just the table and merge the final documents? The tables need to be part of existing pages though.

This is an important proof of concept and will convince the management that we require a multi-developer licensed version of your product if it succeeds.

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As I know, the only possibility is to split the original pdf document, create new pdf page for the table and merge the files finally. But split pdf by bookmark is not supported by our product. Therefore you have to control at which page to split the document. And you should consider the other contents in the page in which you want to add the table since the new pdf page for the table can only be created from scratch.



Understood. I’ve decided to convert the document into a form. The tables are going to be built ahead of time. That way I can just read it in and dynamically iterate through and populate the form fields, flatten them and send it off to the client. The form fields will have prefixes to identify the particular table/row and a suffix to identify the column.

In theory this should work assuming the form designer doesn’t completely kill the formatting of the document.

I’ll let you know how it pans out.