Adding text as watermark to PDF doc does not work

I am trying to add a constant text as watermark to a preexisting PDF doc. The watermark is supposed to show in the background of the PDF. However, when I open the PDF in Acrobat Reader after adding the watermark all it shows is the watermark. The actual document content is gone/invisible.

Please find the original PDF doc I used for my test enclosed as well as the resulting watermarked PDF plus the source .NET code I was using. The PDF doc was created using the Microsoft's SQL Server reporting Services PDF rendering features hence we don't have any influence on how the PDF gets generated.

This is a relatively urgent issue for us. Any assistance would be higly appreciated.

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Hi Thomas,

I have tested this issue at my end using the latest version and result looks good to me. Please download the latest version and try at your end. Moreover, I have also attached the output as well. Please have a look at the attached file.

If you still find the same issue at your end then please do let us know.

Hi Thomas,

I had received the following email:

" Hi Shahzad, thank for you reply to my post at Adding text as watermark to PDF doc does not work
first of all. I have a question now: Is the latest version you are mentioning
4.8.0? And more important: Can I simply download it and use it with the same
license file I am currently using or do I have to purchase an upgrade. I am
currently using a 1 developer license with the attached license file. As I am
using the PDF kit for a production system it would be important for me to have
a full license. Please instuct."

Yes, I was referring to the version 4.8.0. The subscription expiry of your license is November 04, 2009. That means you could have upgraded to the newest versions, without any issues, before November 04, 2009; that is, during one year of your subscription. If you want to upgrade to the versions released after that date, you’ll have to upgrade your license as well. For further details regarding licensing, you can contact Purchase department. Moreover, you can download the trial version and test without the license file to see if it resolves your issue and satisfy your requirement.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do let us know.