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Adding values using a formula after populating a document

I need to add two fields after I have populated them with values. I have bookmarked the two mergefields that I want to sum up and inserted a formula for adding the bookmarks. When I pull up the word document nothing happens. The sum only gets updated when I right click on the field and click update field. I have also tried pushing F9 and nothing happens. I then tried to insert the formula for adding in the code
using documentbuilder and insertfield. When I pull up the document the field comes up with an error but whe I right click and update the field it updates the sum. Is there a way of getting around this?


We also don’t like that fields in MS Word are not updated automatically when the file is opened. For F9 to work you need to select the field, or better Ctrl+A to select whole document and then press F9.

If you don’t want your users who open the document to be concerned with updating the fields, I’d suggest you don’t use calculated fields. Just insert the result of the calculation into the document.

Thanks Cool