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Additional statistical functions

We use Aspose.Cells for .NET and require additional statistical functions including NORMDIST, NORMINV, NORMSDIST, NORMSINV and POISSON. We also require RANDBETWEEN. Could you put these on your list of functions to be added to the product and let us know when we might see them? Do you have any plans to implement a more comprehensive list of Excel functions?

Thanks very much,

Hi Howard,

Well, we enhanced the formula calculation engine in the latest version (4.5.) already. Your desired formulas i.e., NORMDIST and NORMINV are now supported by the engine to set read and calculate the results. We support to set and read the formula i.e., NORMSDIST. For further details, please check the updated list:
Supported Formulas Functions

We will consider supporting your desired functions (which are not supported currently) soon.

Thank you.

Hi Howard,

Please try this fix.

We have supported NORMSDIST, NORMSINV ,POISSON and RANDBETWEEN function.

If you want to set RANDBETWEEN function,please use codes like Cell.SetAddInFormula() method. Such as Cell.SetAddInFormula("","=RANDBETWEEN(1,100)")