Advanced Imaging API

Hi, in order to use aspose.slides version for java, I need Advanced Imaging API.

My question is do I have to use different
Advanced Imaging API-s for linux and windows, and how can I do that?

Thanks, Ivica.

Dear Ivica,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />

Yes, there are different installers/setups for installing Java Advanced Imaging API on different operating systems.

If you are using Linux, then you will download the Linux specific installer and install it likewise you will download Solaris and Windows specific installer.

Please see this link.

Thanks, and if you can tell me can I use just these two jars: jai_codec.jar and jai_core.jar?

What kind of problems could this produce?

Thanks, Ivica.

I don’t have any idea, but you can try it, but if you are successful, then you are able to get the thumbnails of the slide.

Ok, I will try it, my problem is that mlib_jai.dll native library is not available for Mac OS, and I need aspose.slides running on Mac, if you have any solution I would appreciate it.

Thanks, Ivica

Download the library and use it, Aspose.Slides will run without JAI but you will not be able to get the slide thumbnails then.

Ok, thanks.


Hello Ivica,

You don’t need any dlls, just 5 .jar files:

Latest patched version can be found on our download page.