After updating x-refs, some style tags were removed from x-ref

During the test for x-refs, I found one issue that removes the style of text x-refs.

The following is my code for updating x-refs. (1.0 KB)

The next is my document for updating x-refs.
test.docx (24.1 KB)

And I got the following document as a result.
test_result.docx (19.9 KB)

Untitled.png (4.5 KB)

Some styles were removed from x-ref.
How can I fix this issue?

Thank you

@softdev102985 As I can see Aspose.Words behavior is correct. If update fields in MS Word, formatting of the mentioned REF field is also changed.
It loos like REF field formatting is partially overridden by the formatting of the heading it refers to. For example if make it bold, the value of REF field also becomes bold.

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Thank you for your reply.
Let me check it.

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