Age calculation error with year()- today()- and month()


We have a spreadsheet do bunch of calculations, and one cell has a formula calculating a person's age from DOB and today's date:


When I compare the result of aspose.cell and excel, aspose always gives a wrong result of one year shorter than excel's.

Looks like bug. Has it been reported and fixed? Thanks.



Hi Colin,

Are you using Aspose.Cells for Java? Please send your sample file and test code to Thank you.



I have sent you the test files. It is a problem with Date() function in Aspose. For example Date(2001, 10, 1) should be 10/1/2001, but Aspose gives us 1/1/2001.



Hi Colin,

I got your files. We will check and fix it ASAP.



If you are using Aspose.Cells for Java , please try this fix .



Thanks for the quick response. While this build fixed the date() problem, it appears to be a bad build, since the vlookup is completed messed up. The problem is with both jdk 1.4 and 1.5 versions. I attached the test files.

Sheet2.C4 should be 100000. Aspose.Cell gives us 200000.

The previouse build does not have this problem.




Please try this fix.


That fixed it. Thanks for the attention. Will all these fixes go to an official release soon? Can we get notified? We are evaluating a few packages including Aspose.Cell and will make a recommandation soon.



We will release new version at the end of this week.You can see release info in the blogs.