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Ajax error : Sys.ArgumentTypeException

I have aa AsposeGrid on a page which uses a MasterPage. We are using Asp.Net Ajax in the project. The MasterPage has a tag but the page with the AsposeGrid does not have an updatepanel. Anytime I click on the sort solumn to sort, the very next action like clicking a button or refresh throws the following error

System.ArgumentTypeException: Object of Type Sys._Application cannot be converted to type Sys._Application. Parameter name : Instance.

I tried adding the following tags to the We.config file but that didn't help either.

<add key="aspose.grid.web.force_script_path" value="true" />

Please let me know how I can resolve this issue.



First, did you set license for the grid? The force_script_path option only takes effect with licensed control.

And do you mean that the error is occured only by clicking the buttons of the grid OR by clicking any buttons on the page?

And there's another thing you may try, set the GridWeb.EnableSmartNavigation = False.

Yes, I have set license for the grid and the error occurs only when I click some buttons on the page. I will try the SmartNavigatio option and let you know.

Hi, I had the donam's problem and this line was helpfull GridWeb.EnableSmartNavigation = False, but in order to get a better refresh without de visible postback, I put muy GridWeb into an update panel.

Now when I press the name of muy sheet1 or change to another one, just the text of the cells become visible but not the frame of the column and row headers.

Could you tell me what else can I do?

My GridWeb doesn't have any data, I´m just testing it but I have the license activated.



Thanks for sharing some details.

What happens if you put the GridWeb outside of update panel, does it work fine or not?

And are you using our latest version (2.0.0)?

Thank you.