Ajax is not supporting


I placed the grid in update panel. when i place in updatepanel the grid style is changing. its not displaying in correct format, the grid desgine is changing.

can you please rectify this problem.

thanking you


Hi Swapna,

Well, With the release Aspose.Grid.Web we have offered complete support for Microsoft AJAX extention for .Net 2.0, You may use the GridWeb with the AJAX extention web control "UpdatePanel". Please upgrade to latest hotfix version from the thread:

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Hi, I´m using the version. I puted the gridweb inside the Update Panel.

I have a dobleClick event in my gridweb. When I dobleclick on a cell, apears the message "Please wait loadgin" message, and the event stay very very slow!


Well, To implement the GridWeb control on AJAX, you should have a licensed version of the control.

I think you may post a request for 30 days trial version of the control from Aspose.Purchase forum:

You will have to add a few lines in Web.config file also(These settings will work for Asp.net AJAX. The grid conflicts with some ajax framework. You may try to add a config setting to the web.config: Be sure that the client files(images, scripts) are correctlly installed at the URL path "/agw_client/". This config prevent the control from using embeded client resource(images, scripts, etc.). And this config will only take effect with LICENSED controls):


Thank you.