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Aligned Dimension not showing up when exporting to JPG


When we export our DXF to JPG, we are missing the information from objects of type “Aligned Dimension”

sample.zip (15.9 KB)

Sample code used

var file = @"D:\sample.dxf";
        using (var stream = new MemoryStream(File.ReadAllBytes(file)))
            using (var ms = new MemoryStream())
                using (var image = (CadImage) Image.Load(stream))
                    ImageOptionsBase options = new JpegOptions
                            VectorRasterizationOptions = new CadRasterizationOptions
                                    BackgroundColor = Color.White,
                                    DrawType = CadDrawTypeMode.UseObjectColor,
                                    AutomaticLayoutsScaling = true,
                                    NoScaling = false,
                                    PageWidth = 1600,
                                    PageHeight = 1600
                            Quality = 90,
                            CompressionType = JpegCompressionMode.Baseline

                    image.Save(ms, options);
                    File.WriteAllBytes($@"{file}.jpg", ms.ToArray());


Can you please try using latest Aspose.CAD for .NET 20.6 on your end. In case there is still an issue then please provide the generated output file along with issue highlighted so that we may proceed further with investigation on our end.

@mudassir.fayyaz I am using 20.6

output from aspose:
sample.jpg (73.0 KB)

expected image:
expected.JPG (56.3 KB)

as you can see, missing the text and lines for measurements


Yes, there is difference between expected and actual results. A ticket with ID CADNET-1149 has been created to further investigate and resolve the issue. We will share notification with you as soon as the issue will be fixed.

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I see that the issue has been resolved, when will this be released ?


It has been marked as resolved in upcoming Aspose.CAD for .NET 20.7. We request for your patience and will notify you once the product will be made available online.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as CADNET-1149) have been fixed in this update.