Alpha channel issue after convert from PNG to PSD

Hi guys

We’re busy developing with Aspose.Imaging and have come across an odd discrepancy when converting png images to PSD.

Our internal system reads PSD’s directly and keeps rendering the transparent background as black. However, opening it in Photoshop, the alpha layer is rendered correctly. Manually saving from Photoshop subsequently creates a PSD our system then reads correctly.

This makes it seem like there’s something weird in the Aspose conversion that PS works around, but our system can’t.

For reference, here’s the code we use for the conversion:
using (var image = Aspose.Imaging.Image.Load(filePath)
var outputOptions = new PsdOptions();
image.Save(psdPath, outputOptions);
} (3.7 MB)
I’ve attached 2 files, one from the Aspose conversion, and the other after it’s saved in PS.

Is there a different way to convert the file so that we can get the result we see after PS saves it or is this a fundamental issue with the way the Aspose.Imaging library creates PSDs?

Appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Hi @Donato381
I am going to check out your request right now! So please, stay tuned!

Could you share the original png image with me?

Thanks for the quick response.

Here’s the image:
orig (747.4 KB)

@Donato381, we still investigate your case and will write you as will be ready.

Hey guys.

Any feedback on this?

@Donato381 We have created a corresponding ticket IMAGINGNET-5987 regarding the ability to specify preview image transparency replacement color. You will be notified when it is completed.

Currently, the exported PSD file is correct, which can be seen when opened in Photoshop, as you mentioned. The only significant difference with the file exported from Photoshop is the preview image transparency replacement color (black and white), but currently we can not guarantee the preview image to be identical to the one created by Photoshop.

Thanks for the update