Always see save dialog even when setting FileFormatType.Excel2003 during save


This is an annoying "feature"

I thought that fileformattype argument would let me specify the version of the created document and avoid that message but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.



Is your application a web app?


no - it’s a command line report generator.
I should have been clearer.
I get the prompt to save when closing the file i’ve just created using Aspose even if I’ve made no changes. It includes some text about formula recalculation from previous versions of excel.


Aspose.Cells doesn't caculate result of formula and it forces MS Excel to calculate formula when opening the file. Maybe this causes this dialog window.


Your theory is correct!
If I remove all formulas from the workbook the dialog does not appear

So pasting values is a good workaround to avoid that annoying dialog.