Another 'group shape container' error


This document originated as an RTF file that was saved as a Word doc. I then try to parse it through Aspose.Word when I get the exception.

It used to be 56 pages and I kept deleting until I ended up with what looks like an empty file that still produces the error. However, if you do a Ctrl-A to select everything, 2 lines are actually highlighted so there’s obviously some hidden character hanging around. If delete the selection and resave, problem is solved. I started deleting from the bottom up so I think this is actually the first character (relatively) in the document.

I’m attaching a valid.doc and error.doc for comparison.


And here’s the problem child…



Thank you for considering Aspose.

There’s a small shape object in the right bottom corner of the page (please see attached, I’ve made it red to make it visible). I’m not sure if it is actually needed; anyway, please try to use images instead of shapes until we implement full drawing layer support.


Thanks for looking into this so quickly.

I’m afraid my problem goes a little deeper than simply using images. The shape in question is an artifact from a conversion. Specifically, we are converting 50,000+ Interleaf 6 documents to Word 2003. Interleaf (actually Quicksilver) is used for the initial mass conversion to RTF, which is run through a 3rd-party utility to batch convert to .doc; then we use Aspose.Word to create our final documents based on a custom template. Ideally, this error would be an exception I could trap while parsing the documents through the DocumentVisitor (rather than when first trying open the document).


We will try to solve the group and shape issues within 1-2 weeks.


That’s good news. Much appreciated.