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Any HTML document is stored incorrectly


We have faced with an error while saving any input HTML file

Steps to reproduce :

Save any HTML file in the same path (includes gaps, brackets etc.)

Actual result

If the original file has the location:

D:\DC\Bug 222905 Html to PDF conversion processed HTML document is stored incorrectly\Pen_Iframe.html

Then the saved file is placed here:


Expected result

File is saved to the same location

Content :

  • input.html - the original file
  • Program.cs – the example of the code for conversion (736 Bytes)

Please, note, we are using:

Aspose.HTML v.

Could you please advise us with the current behavior?

Best regards,



Can you please also share the OS Name and Version in which you are using the API. Please also try to use the latest version of the API i.e. 21.5 and let us know if issue still persists at your end.


Yes, it was the specific issue of 21.3 version of Aspose.HTML. Everything works fine with the newest version.


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