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API performance

We are currently evaluating different options to integrate an OCR functionality in one of our product. Naturally, your OCR for .NET was one of the first API to be evaluated since it is already included in our license. We also evaluate several other OCRs engine from other companies. We are wandering if there was any setting or image processing that should be done prior to using the SDK as our results with the API were not very convincing in comparison to the other APIs?



You can perform image correcting before performing OCR operation on the image. Please visit the link Skew Image Correction Using Algorithm for details. Further, you may forward us your sample input file to perform OCR operation. We will evaluate it and update you about our findings.

Just in case it does not reach you, I replied to the reply notification email and attach the images I used.


No reply received. Please send us the sample images again as an attachment in reply to this post.

sample1.jpg (82.9 KB)
sample4.jpg (118.6 KB)
OCR-A_sample.svg.png (25.7 KB)

Here they are, thank you!

I forgot, in my email, I included my results for each one of those images if you want to compare with yours:

Here are my results if you want to compare them to yours.

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Thank you for your help,


Thank you for sharing the samples. We have evaluated the samples. We are able to reproduce the issue. The issue has been logged into our system with ID OCRNET-3401 for further investigation by our Product team. We’ll update you here once there is some information or a fix version available in this regard.