Append doc question


Here’s my situation, I have 4 files: a.doc,b.doc,c.doc,d.doc that need to be generated automatically and I would like to merge all 4 files into 1 big file. Though the header/footer for each file is similar, some text are dynamically changed.

Assuming that I can generate all 4 files using Aspose.Word, this is what I would do manually: Open a.doc, at the last page Insert Section Break - New Page, Insert File and choose b.doc and repeat for c.doc and d.doc. The resulting file will be one file with 4 sections: a.doc,b.doc,c.doc, and d.doc. When each section starts, its own header/footer will appear and override the previous “section’s” header/footer.

I know that in Aspose.Word you can insert section breaks but I’m not sure if there’s a Insert File function.

If there is no Insert File function, what method should I use? I am using Classic ASP.

Thank you.



Thanks for the request, you seem to be in need of combining documents together by adding sections which is a very popular usage scenario. Although we have no a special code sample for classic ASP, you can see how it is implemented in C# and VB .NET here:

Please consider Copying Sections Between Documents. Repeat appending of sections for each document.