AppendDocument with RTF file

This one might be specific to the file in question. I have an RTF file (called clean.rtf in the attachment) that I can open with Aspose.Words and save fine. If I first open a different document, and then open this RTF file and append it to the first document, the file size, section count, etc all seem to suggest that the document was successfully appended, but the pages in the RTF file are “missing” and the document structure seems to be broken.

Please see attached solution with unit test showing the behavior


Thanks for your request. I managed to reproduce the problem. But it seems the reason of the problem is “clean.rtf” document itself. If you scroll down this document to the end, you will see that something strange occurs with MS Word. Even if resave the document in MS Word the problem remain.
It seems the reason of the problem is the last section of this document. If you remove it (I removed it programmatically using Aspose.Words) then the document works fine.
Best regards.